Oil-Free Air Compressors 37-300kw/50-400hp


Since we introduced our first oil-free compressor in 1912, Ingersoll Rand has continued to develop rugged, reliable, industry-leading compressor technologies. Today, we’re the experts in oil-free compressed air because our technological advances meet the specific performance needs in our customers’ industries. No matter what the application, Ingersoll Rand oil-free compressors provide 100% oil-free air in all operating conditions to reduce costly downtime, product liability and damage to your brand reputation.


–     Precision-machined, stainless-steel rotors with UltraCoat protection
–     Aluminum moisture separator and stainless steel air seals prevent corrosion
–     Available Hybrid Permanent Magnet (HPM) motor with fewer rotating parts


–     115ºF (46ºC) ambient rating reduces nuisance shutdowns due to high heat or dirty conditions
–     Air or water-cooled packages


–     ISO Class 0 100% oil-free air under all operating conditions, certified by TÜV Rheinland®
–     Available HPM motor requires less power at start-up and never operates unloaded, increasing efficiency
–     Variable speed compressor operates at 95% efficiency throughout its entire speed range with no increase in power consumption, reducing lifecycle energy costs


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